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Frédéric ROZANES, a French pianist, gained his diploma at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, as well as obtaining first prize at the Concours Centralise from the Conservatoires de Paris.

Whilst training to become a pianist, he had the good fortune to work with teachers of different nationalities, amongst them, Salman ADA (Turkey), Pascal le CORRE, Pierre AUDON, Eliane RICHEPIN (France), Zu XHONG (China) and Michael SCHAFER (Germany), which gave him the opportunity to develop a deeper insight into different ways of approaching piano playing and to music in general at an international level.

During his training, he had the immense privilege of working and developing with the unanimously recognised Arcadi VOLODOS, a Russian concert pianist. This meeting was a determining factor in his conception and practice of music, enabling him to free himself from piano playing technical restrictions and thus allowing him to express the essential spiritual and emotional feeling of the music. 

This opening has influenced all stages of his development; as much in his own personal development as his profession as a piano teacher, to which he implicitly and seriously devotes himself to the transmission of his art to others. 

The wealth of experience gained from this wide variety of piano schools has paved the way to his burgeoning musical talent recognised and unanimously applauded by the critics.

Frédéric ROZANES gives recitals and chamber music performances not only in several European countries but also in Asia. He has also performed lyrical accompaniments.

Frédéric ROZANES has realesed a CD audio in 2015, devoted to the water and the moonlight, and an other CD audio in 2018, with works from Schumann, Brahms, Satie, Chopin and Liszt. Those CD were welcomed to the audience with a lot of success.

Although he has a rich repertoire of classical music for his performances, he has discovered harmony with other forms and also masters musical styles such as jazz and improvisation, the latter leading quite naturally to composition.

Critics have often acclaimed his renderings: 

“A great moment of piano playing, the keyboard virtuoso enthralled the public”. D.N.A. newspaper 18/10/2003

“…the virtuoso pianist Frédéric ROZANES has deployed all his recognised concert talents, with mature and sensitive interpretations.” D.N.A. newspaper 25/03/2004

“Frédéric ROZANES’ vigorous style matches the technical difficulties of the most lively section of his recital. His preoccupation with subtle differences is perfectly expressed when the score requires it, giving us beautiful emotional moments, the result in any case confirms the dawn of a new talent.” SPECTACLES newspaper 19 - 28 March 2004, Strasbourg.

“A top-flight concert”, “it is obvious he masters his subject: we had the impression that notes flowed from the piano like sparkling jewels”. D.N.A. newspaper 17/12/2007. 

“Chopin and Liszt in the fingers of Frédéric ROZANES” “A keyboard virtuoso captivated his audience with a sublime interpretation of Chopin and Liszt”, “Frédéric ROZANES takes his place before the grand piano, followed by a moment of concentration before attacking the work, without a score, by heart, wholeheartedly and with great sensitivity. A style somewhat vigorous yet somewhat infinitely gentle when the score demands it, which offers moments of great emotion. His facial expressions show to what point he lives his music and is as one with the work.”
On leaving, the public were unanimous “he is a fabulous pianist”. D.N.A. newspaper 29 October 2009.

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